I woke up and it was May!!!!

So it has been a bit since I have post here. Fear not, the simple reason is that I have been too busy. Here are some of the better photos that I have taken since...November (oh the shame of it)
Norwich - Homeless Memorial walk and vigil

Norwich - Breast cancer reconstruction surgery.

Norwich - Chinese New Year!

Montville - High School tennis

Groton - Polar plunge of some form (New Years Day????)

Hartford - Tea Party tax day rally at the State Capital.

New London - Snowy morning

New London - A neighbor uses a garden hose to protect his home.

New London - A homeowner watches on as her house burns.

Mystic - The happiest Firefighter at the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Groton - Submariner kisses his wife and hugs his newborn daughter for the first time.

Norwich - WWII veteran honored with his long forgotten medals.

Griswold - Teacher of the Year named in a "surprise" fashion.

Montville - Montville senior given an award of appreciation, also a surprise.

Groton - A local Head Start branch honors a fallen firefighter by planting a memorial tree.

November update

Norwich - touchdown celebration

Groton - Swimmer introductions

Hartford - Election night concerns of plugged-in supporters

East Lyme - Heritage days

Griswold - volleyball

New London - colorful canopy of foliage

Waterford - "And its good!"

Groton - Ballooning around!

East Lyme - have you hugged your shark today?

Autumnal happenings

September 11th in Mystic, a family commemorates the 9th anniversary.

Stained glass artists in Old Lyme

CGA football's season opening game

The CGA game was held on Saturday Sept. 11th. A small commemoration ceremony preceded the game.

Hurricane Earl in Westerly, RI

A family mourns the loss of their business in a major fire in Montville

First day of school (up and down)

And finally, a little paranormal investigation in Colchester

8/22/10 - recent fun

Welcome to the Coast Guard

New London - On June 28th the new cadets report for duty at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on Reporting-in Day. The "Swabs" as they are called go through an intensive summer session as they prepare to become cadets in the fall. Reporting-in Day is the start of Swab Summer, and for some is a bit of an awakening.